Luncheon with HKIA President and IPP 10 May 2021
Follows the establishment of Memorandum of Understanding [MoU] between HKIA/HKICM, Presidents Cr Tony Za & Immediate Past President (IPP) Cr Daniel Shum, arranged a luncheon with President of HKIA Mr. Donald Choi & their Immediate Past President (IPP) Mr. Felix Li, on 10th May 2021.  There have been fruitful discussion and exchanges between the two parties, such as thoughts on future development of the industry, and further collaboration and knowledge exchanges amongst Members.  Wish the cooperation between the two Institutes will flourish !

拜訪中西區民政事務專員 7 May 2021
香港營造師學會會長 謝偉正營造師、前會長 鄧智宏營造師、副會長 馮國強營造師,於五月七日拜訪中西區民政事務專員 梁子琪太平紳士。


VTC WorldSkills Competition HK - Building Information Modelling (BIM) Competition                              15 April 2021
HKICM President Cr Tony ZA; Hon President Cr Eddie Lam; Past President Cr Chi-Wang Tang, have been invited by Vocational Training Council (VTC) as VIP for the Campaign & Ceremony held at THEi (Tsing Yi), and present Certificate of Participation to the Competitors.

謝偉銓議員 - 全面完善香港選舉制度、實現愛國者治港 議案討論                                                          16 March 2021
香港營造師學會 會長謝偉正營造師、上任會長岑厚德營造師 於2021年3月16日參予 謝偉銓議員向業界專業團體舉辦之「全面完善香港選舉制度、實現愛國者治港 議案討論會」。 會上謝議員向各專業團體代表簡報 總理工作報告、十四五規劃綱要,及簡述《全國人民代表大會關於完善香港選舉制度、實現愛國者治港議案》,席間各專業團體互相交流、踴躍發表意見。

香港建造業總工會錦上路會員工藝交流中心 15 March 2021
香港營造師學會 會長謝偉正營造師、榮譽會長鍾冠文營造師 / 伍又宜營造師、前會長鄧智宏營造師、上任會長岑厚德營造師、副會長馮國強營造師 於2021年3月15日拜訪 香港建造業總工會 錦上路會員工藝交流中心。 建造業總工會 黃平理事長、謝宏儒秘書長及一眾主任盛情招待,席間大家積極交換意見,獲益良多!

中聯辦辛丑年新春雲酒會 5 February 2021
香港營造師學會會長謝偉正營造師、上任會長岑厚德營造師、前會長鄧智宏營造師、 國內及國際聯繫委員會主席陳智敏營造師,聯同香港測量師學會副會長黄國良測量師、 香港測量師學會工料測量組主席霍靜妍測量師,於2021年2月5日約同參與今年中聯辦辛丑年新春「雲酒會」。 因疫情關係今年酒會以綫上進行。 席上兩會代表相互交換意見,商討加深互動、合作可行性。

Meeting with Chartered Institute of Building (Hong Kong)  13 January 2021
HKICM President, Cr Tony Za attended a luncheon meeting with Mr Wong Hong Fai,Chairman of Chartered Institute of Building (Hong Kong) on Wednesday 13th January to explore closer collaboration and working relationship between the two Institutes.

Photos were taken with CIOB (HK) Chairman, Mr Wong Hong Fai.