President's Message

Dear fellow members,
Thank you for tuning in to another edition of our quarterly newsletter! This would be my last president’s message in the “Construction Voice” during my first presidential tenure as the upcoming Annual General Meeting will soon be held in early December this year. Our General Council had been continuously hard at work on events and activities during the past 3 months which I am pleased to report those major ones and what we are heading for the upcoming year.
(1)     Membership
Up to 31 Oct 2019, the total membership reached a record high of 3,080 (of which 1,165 are Corporate Members), representing a growth of 6.2% over the past 3 months (2,901 as at 31 Jul 2019) and 9.5% over the same period last year (2,814 as at 31 Oct 2018).

In order to maintain a steady growth of membership, promotional and career talks, briefings on introduction of HKICM and construction management profession will continue to be conducted at various education institutions and major construction companies. In addition, workshops will also be organized to help potential candidates to prepare for the HKICM Professional Assessment during the upcoming year.
(2)     CPD and Training
Thanks to the hard works of both CPD Committee and Training Committee, it is expected that a record high of totalling 39 CPD and training events will be conducted for the whole year of 2019.
Up to the end of October 2019, a total of 17 CPD seminars, 5 technical visits and 12 training events were organized. Upcoming CPD and training events already scheduled during Nov & Dec 2019 will include 2 CPD seminars, 2 technical visits and an AS interview training course.
In order to keep members abreast of practical knowledge and skills, a wide range of CPD and training events to meet different needs of our members will continue to be organized during the upcoming year.
(3)     Education and Academic Accreditation
On 22 Oct 2019, Vice Presidents Cr Tony ZA and Cr Dr Billy LEE, together with Honorary Secretary Dick Li and accompanied by Secretary General Mr Rocky CHOW, held a meeting at Pearson Education Hong Kong Office with the delegates from University of Leeds, including Head of Partnership Management, Mr Matt COLLETT and Regional Development Manager, Ms Cathy BURTON on for the brief introduction of the online Engineering Management MSc course to be delivered in Hong Kong.
(4)     Connections with Mainland Counterparts
   During the period, the Institute has active communications with the Mainland counterparts via attending conferences and discussion forums to foster professional knowledge exchange, including:
  > HKICM delegates, including President Daniel SHUM, Immediate Past President Cr C W TANG and Secretary General Mr Rocky CHOW were invited to attended the〝裝配式建築與智慧建造現場觀摩交流會〞held in Shenzhen, PRC on 2 Aug 2019;
Represented the Institute, President Daniel SHUM was invited to attended the〝一帶一路項目與專業對接交流會〞organized by 内地–香港一帶一路工商專業委員會 in Hong Kong on 10 Sep 2019;
  > Honorary President Cr Peter NG and Vice President Cr Terence MANG, represented the Institute, have attended the〝粵港澳大灣區工程技術人才專業資格互認專家研討會會議〞held in Shenzhen, PRC on 28 Sep 2019;
  HKICM delegates, including President Daniel SHUM, Honorary President Cr Raymond LEUNG and Immediate Past President Cr C W TANG, were invited as experts to attended the〝學習借鑒香港工程建設管理模式座談會〞held in Guangzhou, PRC on 16 Oct 2019;
  Honorary President Cr Peter NG and Chairman of Public & Social Affairs Committee Cr CHAN Chi-man represented the Institute, have attended the〝綠色科技建造技术、建設美麗粵港澳大灣區高峰論壇〞held in Guangzhou, PRC on 25 Oct 2019.
(5)     Public & Social Affairs
  During the period, the following statement and enquiry have been issued:
  In response to an intended strike on 2nd and 3rd Sep 2019 initiated by someone on the internet which includes an alleged "Construction and Engineering sector", the Institute has issued an open statement clarifying that HKICM is not one of the participated organizations in the "Construction and Engineering sector".
  Upon recent enquiries by members, a letter was sent to the Police Public Relations Branch, Hong Kong Police on 24 Sep 2019 enquiring “Under what circumstances can the police enter and search a construction site?” and a reply letter was received on 9 Oct 2019.
(6)     Promoting Construction Management Excellence
   The HKICM/HKCA SME Committee 2019 Joint Conference, co-organized by HKICM and SME Committee of HKCA, was successfully held on Friday 11 October 2019 at the Grand Ballroom of Hong Kong Ocean Park Marriot Hotel in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. With the theme of “Construction New Era‧Innovation and Professionalism營新‧專業新紀元”, the conference was well received by about 300 distinguished guests and delegates, including government officials, prominent figures from educational and professional bodies, construction practitioners, senior executives of major developers, consultants and SME construction companies, representatives of associations and HKICM members.
(7)     Professional Services
  The revised HKICM Mediation Scheme 2019 was launched on 20 Sep 2019 and a reception cocktail was held on 23 Oct 2019 to announce the official launch and brief introduction of the revised Mediation Scheme. In addition, additional Accredited Mediators were recruited and the existing HKICM List of Panel Mediators has been enlarged to include a total of 31 members of HKICM who were enlisted on the HKMAAL List of Accredited Construction Mediators.

To foster the communal spirit between members and to facilitate experience sharing for those members who are currently approved Authorized Signatories and/or Technical Directors under the Buildings Ordinance as well as Registered Construction Managers, a “Taiwanese Tea & Tea Cocktail (台茶) Tasting cum Experience Sharing” was held at the HKICM Conference Room on the evening of Friday, 6 Sep 2019.

The upcoming 8th in-take of the Half-day Elite Extended Course on “Final Preparation before Authorized signatory (AS) Interview”, co-organized by HKICM AS Committee and HKCA SME Committee, will be held on 7 Dec 2019.
(8)     Social, Sports & Recreation Events and Activities
  Vice President Cr Tony ZA and 7 other members represented HKICM to participate in HKIS 35th Anniversary Run – Runderful Pro 樂跑專業 held on 15 Sep 2019.

HKICM Football Team has participated in the ‘Construction Industry Council Football League 2019’ organized by CIC under Group H. It is pleased to report that HKICM has successfully entered the final match of the Silver Plate Competition Group on 12 Nov 2019.

Lastly, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the Council and Committee members for contributing their valuable time and efforts in sharing the heavy workload of the Institute’s daily operation. Thanks again to all the members for their unstinting support to HKICM.

With Warmest Regards,
Cr SHUM Hau-tak, Daniel
8 November 2019

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