Construction Managers Registration Board

Constitution of The Board

Under Section 2 of the Regulations, there is established a board to be known as the Construction Managers Registration Board (“the Board”). The Board shall consist of not less than 10 corporate members and not more than 3 non-members of the Institute appointed by the General Council.
A member appointed by the Council shall be appointed for 2 years or such lesser period as may be specified in the terms of his appointment.
The Board shall elect a Chairman and a Vice-chairman each year from among the members and not more than 15 months shall elapse between the date of one election and the next.
It is stipulated by the Regulations that the Board shall meet at least once every 6 months and as often as may be necessary to transact the business of the Board. The Board shall not transact business at a meeting other than to adjourn unless there is a quorum of one half of the members of the Board present.

Functions of the Board

(a) To establish and maintain a register of Registered Construction Managers (Register);
(b) To set and review the qualification standards for registration as a Registered Construction Manager and related registration matters;
(c) To advise the Institute on registration matters;
(d) To examine and verify the qualifications of persons who apply for registration as Registered Construction Managers;
(e) To receive, examine, accept or reject applications for registration and renewal of registration as a Registered Construction Manager;
(f) To deal with disciplinary breaches in accordance with these Regulations;
(g) To keep proper records of its proceedings and accounts; and
(h) To carry out such other functions as these Regulations may prescribe.

Powers of The Board

(a) To set fees payable to it under the Regulations; 
(b) To establish committees to advise the Board on the carrying out of the powers and duties of the Board;
(c) To employ persons to assist with the carrying out of its functions under the Regulations;
(d) From time to time to engage such professional advisers as it may consider necessary or expedient;
(e) To make rules for the registration, renewal of registration, conduct and discipline of registered construction managers;
(f) To make rules for the reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred by persons attending to the business of the Board;
(g) To make rules relating to the procedure for the appeal against any order or decision made by the Board or the Inquiry Committee; and
(h) To make any further rules as required for the purpose of carrying out its rights and obligations under these Regulations.

Note: No fees shall be paid to any member of the Board for his services as a member.


Current Board Members

(for a term of 2 years from 1 April 2017 to 31 March 2019)

Chairman :  Cr SHUM Hau-tak, Daniel
Vice Chairman : Cr Dr HO Chi-ming
Members : Cr CHAN Pui-fung
  Cr FOK Tak-hung, Tony
  Cr LAI Shu-sang, Anthony
  Cr Dr LEE Fook-pui, Billy
  Cr LEUNG Kim-fung, Simon
  Cr LI Tak-hong, Dick
  Cr ZA Wai-gin, Tony
  Cr LAM Kin-wing, Eddie (Representative of HKCA)
  Mr CHONG Kwok-ming, Daniel (Representative of HKFEMC)
  Mr YUEN Hung-wai (Representative of HKGBCA)

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